Catch the Fishy Feeling!

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Helene in Opinion Leader -magazine

Helen kolumni Opinion leader -lehdessä

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Zipipop in Helsingin Sanomat

Zipipop in Helsingin Sanomat

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Zipipop Portfolio 2008 in Finnish

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Making Everyday Easier

The Internet has expanded our ability to communicate; it has introduce new forms of collaboration; and it is now providing us with new ways to coordinate and take action in the real world.

Zipipop is currently riding this new wave of pragmatism and our aim is to make services that facilitate our everyday lives. In an increasingly complex word we need ever more sophisticated and user-friendly tools to keep things simple.

Therefore, we adopted our "making everyday easier" mantra to remind us that the power of the web should also be harnessed to improve our lives in the real world.

The web is a wonderful tool, but it will not nurse you if you fall ill, or provide support when times are rough. So go use Zipiko and it will make it easier and give you more time to be with the people who really care about you.