Zipiko Hits the Blogosphere


Intention Broadcasting gains recognition.

The Next Web

One of the best short summaries of Zipiko


Peggy Anne Salz briefly discusses the Zipipop developed theory of Intention Broadcasting and its connection to Zipiko

Venture Beat - Digital Media

Zipiko receives a nice write up in an article that focuses on mobile investment. The blog entry highlights the general feelings of the venture capitalist panel at Mobile 2.0 Europe that most mobile services don't come with a clear business model; however, Zipiko stands out in this regard since it has three: Intention Ads, SMS Sponsorship, and White Label versions.

Dan's Blog

Writes about the Early Stage Start-up presenations at Mobile 2.0 Europe and gives a nice summary of Zipiko.

Submitted by Zipipop on Tue, 2008-07-08 14:55