Consultancy, Development, and Public Speaking


In less than two years, and with no marketing budget, a 'Zipipop' search generates nearly 6,000 results. We can help you find cost effective ways to do increase your companies presence on the web.

Learn how to make the most of all the freely available social web tools to enhance your services, connect to your customers and improve your internal productivity.

We can explain how the web is changing the business environment so radically that being open, honest and good is becoming the only way to go.


We implement websites that are enhanced with social media features so that you can more effectively engage your customers.

We also produce web-oriented videos: promos, service demos, video blogs, etc.

What differentiates us?

We live, breath, and build inside the new media ecosystem. We have extensive theoretical and hands-on experience and, thanks to an innovative business model, we give better advice and implement for less money.


One of Zipipop's values is to "be friendly and honest", so we have had to develop a new approach that fosters a more healthy win win relationship.

Traditional media agency practices are deeply flawed: They are forced to charge high rates to cover all the relationship and concepting costs of the projects that go nowhere. And their advice can be compromised in the process of trying to secure the job.

The Zipi Solution: Quick Diagnosis before Implementation

Client meets with Zipipop to outline their ideas.

We then analyze, brainstorm and concept to develop a report that we present at a second meeting.

Now here is the innovation: regardless of the final decisions we are paid a 'small' fee (as little as few hundred euros) for our "no holds barred" honest advice and suggestions.

This means that, if we do go ahead with development or implementation, we can charge less, since we have spread some of the costs across all our clients.

Win: Client gets the best advice
Win: Zipipop feels better
Win: Client pays less if project is accepted
Win: Zipipop deals with more serious clients

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