Zipipop Invest Tech Presentation

Tomorrow (9 June) at 14.00 Zipipop will be making an investor presetation at the Invest Tech Finland conference. We will outline our plans to develop our award-winning intention broadcasting service Zipiko into a dedicated "group activity organizer". This decision has been made after analyzing a year's worth of feedback and usage data. Our research also indicates that there is a trend towards lifestyle sports and activities that require a more dynamic form of organization, e.g. indoor football, rock-climbing, paintballing, poker,  etc. This is particualarly relevant for activities that need a few people out of a larger pool.  Facebook, Meetup, Upcoming, etc. cater nicely for more distant, fixed, public events, however, the new version of Zipiko will aim to cater for near-future more personal group "activities".

Submitted by Zipipop on Mon, 2009-06-08 18:10