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Consultancy, Development, and Public Speaking

Zipipop provides social media solutions for enterprise environments. We help businesses integrate social media to:

•    Improve their efficiencies and innovations.
•    Make customer service more responsive and easier to interact with.
•    Improve brand visibility.
•    Influence the real-time "conversations" that are taking place about their products and services.
•    Be closer to their customers.

Our expertise has been built up over three years developing and consulting on social media services. We started the company while attending Media Lab Helsinki and soon became the first Finnish Facebook company. Since then we have expand our capability to provide comprehensive "organic" social media solutions for real-world communities. We are also working closely with local and Chinese development partners in order to provide cost-effective one-stop-shop offerings. Our clients include Finnmatkat, Helsinki Design Museum,, and Olvi.

Zipipop was the winner of the Best Early Stage Startup at Mobile 2.0 Europe (2008) and has subsequently presented at numerous conferences around the world. We were the only Nordic company selected for competition at LeWeb'08 (Europe's biggest startup convention). This year we were selected for Finland's DigiBusiness Growth Company programme. In addition, Zipipop's CEO, Helene Auramo, is a regular spokesperson in the Finnish media.

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Activity Organizer

Our award-winning intention sharing service Zipiko is now being turned into a dedicated "activity" organizer.

To find out why please read the Zipiko Blog