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Zipipop is about 'sharing life' and making feedback more fun.


2 September 2007

Zipipop launchs its first pilot application – Friends Pad – inside Facebook.


be friendly & honest

share life & opinions freely

everyone has something valuable to say

keep it fun

A Brief History of Zipipop

In October 2006 Helene Auramo and Richard von Kaufmann were working together at Media Lab (Helsinki University of Art & Design) when the first Zipipop sparks were struck and the idea born.

Helene and Richard immediately saw the business potential and from the outset were consumed by an entrepreneurial passion to make it a reality. Within just a couple of months there were already approaching various Finnish funding agencies and the hunt was on for an ace programmer to complete the team. In May they were delighted to received a concept development grant from AVEK - a Finnish funding agency promoting audiovisual cultural.

While taking part in the Technopolis Ventures Pre-incubator programme they were put in touch with the programmer Taro Morimoto. Taro fitted in perfectly and was soon invited to join the team.

In June they started working full-time and moved into an office at the Arabus business incubator.

On 23rd July Zipipop was officially registered and the expanded team is super busy implementing the first of the feedback tools.

Helene Auramo (CEO) is studying at the Helsinki School of Economics. Her major is Marketing, minors are International Design Business Management, Information Technology; Content and Media and Logistics. She also studies at the Helsinki University of Art and Design in Media Lab.
Richard von Kaufmann (Chairman) is a media producer with experience in film-making, advertising and education. He is studying for an MA in New Media at the Helsinki University of Art & Design.
Taro Morimoto (Head of Technology) is a programmer with over 6 years of experience in web based software development. He is studying for an MS in Computer Science at the Helsinki University.

Zipipop Contacts

Zipipop Ltd
Hämeentie 153 B, 00560,
Helsinki, Finland
[email protected]
+358 46 88 33 573
Helene Auramo
CEO, Co-founder
[email protected]
+358 50 492 1999

Richard von Kaufmann
Chairman, Co-founder
+358 45 11 222 73
[email protected]

Taro Morimoto
Head of Technology
+358 44 50 555 76
[email protected]


2nd of September 2007
Zipipop launched its first pilot application in Facebook. The name of the service is Friends Pad.

30th of July 2007
Zipipop Ltd is established.

11th of June 2007
Zipipop received a 2,000 euro grant from AVEK (Audivisuaalisen kulttuurin edistämiskeskus) to further refine the concept.

Zipipop & Facebook

We decided to create a 'test' application for Facebook because we were excited by its potential and conscious of its growing importance as an additional platform for Zipipop services.

On Friday 25 August 2007, during an afternoon tea-break, we brainstormed ideas and decided to go ahead with Friends Favorites enabling you to compare favorite things with your friends. The bulk of the implementation took place over the weekend. However, we soon realized that it would be better to first develop an idea called Friends Pad where all your friends faces are together on your profile page. Priority was switched and just over a week later, on 2 September 2007, Friends Pad was released.

The ability to view status messages, while mousing over faces, was included in the first release. In the second week we added more functions: orange borders to show unread messages and the ability to organize and hide faces. With the third release we added our bubbling system that enables you to easily respond to friends' status messages thereby improving your social awareness and interaction. Bubbling is a more relaxed way of communicating because the bubbles only exist for one week before they burst.

The next addition to Friends Pad is a group organizing capability. In addition to making it easy to find friends, this will allow your friends to make the connections between the people in your life. At the time of writing - just over one month since the initial release - Friends Pad has over 8,000 users.

Facebook Consultancy Work

In addition to our own projects we are have been commissioned to create some Facebook applications for external companies and organizations.

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