Zipi's Friends

Thanks to the following for helping us along the bumpy road:

Business Mentors:
Nils Lagerström - Keeping it real with a twinkle in his eye
Jorma Petäjistö - Keeping an eye out for us

Arabus Business Incubator:
Bengt Forsström - Cool, calm and collected

Technolopolis Ventures Incubator:
Ari Huczkowski - enthusiasm by the bucket load
Tuomas Pollari - help beyond the call of duty

Media Lab Staff:
Jon Fabritius - our web guru
Antti Ikonen - support provider
Asta Raami - helps make things happen
Philip Dean – background support
Media Lab Students:
Martin Gimpl - man of many talents
Ji Hyun Hong - what's hip in South Korea?
Miska Knapek - dives deep into ideas
Elise Liikala - great eye for design
Tuomo Tarkiainen - Always willing to advise

Sue Bing - visionary designer
Arlon Stok - graphic artist extraordinaire
Ville Vesterinen
Antti Vilpponen
Kristiina Pääkkönen
Kati Uusi-Rauva
Peter Kelly
Andrew Heiniluoma
Topi Laitinen (sound designer)
Netta Saarinen (t-shirt adviser)