Social Media Kickoffs & Workshops

We provide both general introductions to social media and customized workshops that show you how to make the most of social media in your business area. Using lots of practical examples we teach you about: blogging (Wordpress, Blogger, etc), micro-blogging (Twitter, Yammer, etc), engaging employees and customers more effectively via Facebook, YouTube, Slideshare, etc. And we give an overview of social media culture and potential.

Social Media Strategy and Guidance

We provide guidance on creating social media strategies and developing social media teams, so that your organization can engage more effectively with customers. Your enthusiastic employees are your best and most authentic advocates — so we help you create clear social media guidelines to empower them to support customers better. We can also implement social platforms to enable better collaboration within your communities.

Collaboration Workshops

We show you how to collaborate more effectively using social media practices and tools. In addition we introduce you to the cultural practices that are required to make the most effective use of these new tools, such as sharing, transparency, and rewarding. We give an overview of the tools available and provide some hands on experience working with collaborative documents and discussion tools.

Collaboration Environments

We setup social web services and platforms to improve: collaboration, awareness, creativity, efficiency, and knowledge generation. We are also specialists at enhancing collaboration between multiple different organizations. We know how to mix established social media tools to create collaboration environments that are stable, focused, cost effective, and flexible.

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