With over 1.8 million Finnish Facebook users it is the perfect place to ramp up your customer engagement and support. Facebook has over 1.35 million daily visitors – 220,000 are accessing via mobile. Facebook Pages allow you to reach out quickly to your community. In addition it is easy to assign multiple admins across your organization.

WordPress, Blogger & Tumblr

WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr are some of the biggest and most popular blogging platforms.  Zipipop has used each of these extensively and recommends them depending on the client’s needs. Blogging is a fantastic way to reach and engage with both employees and customers.


YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and Cisco predicts that in the year 2013 90% of all web traffic will be online video. This and the capability to embedded high quality video across the web makes YouTube and indispensable tool for sharing memorable messages with millions of people around the world.


A communication tool that improves organizational awareness and knowledge sharing by creating a continuous stream of notifications and requests. However, to make Yammer work effectively requires usage guidance. And there are ways to make Yammer a very effective inter-organizational collaboration tool.


Linkedin is a popular business related social media service that provides both an online CV facilities as well as productive discussion forums. It is also very useful space for engaging in recruitment activities.


SlideShare is an easy way for you to share your knowledge with clients and potential customers. It is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. Upload and share on blogs, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. 45 million people use SlideShare every month for research, sharing ideas, connecting with others, and generating business leads. SlideShare also supports documents,…


Wikipedia is the 6th most popular site in Finland and 7th in the world (alexa.com). As a primary destination for research requests it is important to create your presence in Wikipedia.


“ZipiTime is the first time tracking tool I’ve used that is not making me want to kill people immediately. Great work!” Matti Kari - co-founder of IRC-gallaria and entrepreneur.

ZipiTime was create to help Zipipop easily and transparently track project hours. We tried spreadsheets and numerous other services but could not find a satisfactory solution, so we made our own.

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