Helene Auramo


CEO and Co-founder // Helene is an internet and media industry entrepreneur. She is also one of the Indiedays lifestyle blog community founders, as well as writing a weekly blog for the Finnish tech journal Tietoviikko. She is a regular commentator in the Finnish media regarding social media and entrepreneurship. She was nominated in the summer of 2010 as a Microsoft Innovation Management magazine innovation leader.

Richard von Kaufmann


Co-founder & Concepting Director // Richard has a background in filmmaking, advertising, and social media product development. He is an evangelist for social media-based collaboration and “conversation marketing”. He co-developed Zipipop’s Brand Friend concept and coined the term “intention broadcasting”, which was the subject of his Media Lab Helsinki MA thesis – later published in the proceedings of the i-Semantic Web conference in 2009.

Tuomas Laitinen


Creative Director & Shareholder // Tuomas is a leading web community and social media team developer. In addition, he is a leading web designer and an MA graduate of Media Lab Helsinki. Over the last year he has worked extensively with Valio (the leading Finnish dairy organization) to help them become one of the most prominent Finnish brands inside social media and has developed their customer community platform.

Mikko Nisula

Social Media Marketing Specialist // Mikko has been a producer working in broadcast media, event marketing and advertising. At Zipipop he operates in the intersection of advertising, marketing and PR. Mikko helps businesses discover how best to use social media tools to connect with customers, generate more brand awareness and add value to communities. He enthusiastically guides clients towards social business and leadership through storytelling. Mikko has a Bachelor of Culture and Arts and is also a very fine dancer!

Markku Silen


Chairman // Having been the CEO of Accenture Nordic and Cap Gemini Finland, Markku has extensive practical experience in helping businesses leverage the benefits of new technolgies. Alongside being a renowned expert in change management, he is also passionate about bringing the best of social media practices into the business environment.

Matti (Maza) Kari


Social Media Marketing Specialist // Matti was one of the founders of IRC-Galleria, the website that made social media mainstream in Finland. A social media specialist and CEO of various startups still in stealth mode. His specialities include (crisis) communication & PR; also he is an experienced lecturer. Thanks to his background as system administrator, Matti also has a deep understanding of the technologies used to build successful social media services.

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